Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I mediate at DCAP?

    All DCAP mediations must be court ordered. You can find the Order of Referral under the “Forms” tab on this website. This is the first step to mediate at DCAP, our office will need an Order of Referral signed by the Judge in order to begin scheduling. 

  • How much will my mediation be?

    Mediation fees will be determined by the levels indicated on the order. 

  • Do I need an attorney to go through mediation?

    DCAP does not require the parties to have legal representation when mediating at DCAP. 

  • Does DCAP offer Zoom mediations?

    DCAP is currently holding mediations via Zoom and in-person at the mediator’s discretion. 

  • How do I read the DCAP calendar?

    DCAP can hold up to two mediations per day. If a mediator is taken, that will be indicated by a line through their name. If their name does not have a line through it, they are available to schedule. If we only have one name listed, there is still a second available slot, our office will just need to reach out to find someone. 

  • I need legal representation, can DCAP help?

    DCAP cannot give attorney referrals. Anyone can visit the Denton Bar website,, and utilize the “Find A Lawyer” tool to locate attorneys in our bar association of specific areas of practice.

  • Does DCAP do full-day and half-day mediations?

    DCAP only holds full-day mediations beginning at 9am.